Help bring This Girl Can to Cumbria

16 March 2017 12:18PM

When Katie Harper found over 75% of women and girls wanted to be more active, she set out to change that number by bringing a nationwide campaign to Cumbria.

This Cumbrian Girl Can, which Katie is in the process of setting up, hopes to get women and girls of any age to realise the benefits of getting active.

This Cumbrian Girl Can aims to get a wide range of fitness groups and other community groups to work together to break down barriers.

This scheme relies on votes as it is part of the community choices programme run by Sellafield ltd.

Katie hopes the bid, if approved, will provide an opportunity for all organisations that run any kind of activities – from team sports and individual pursuits, all the way through to dance classes and walking groups - to think differently, and work together more to get more women and girls involved.

She suggests, “The benefits are incredible; being active increases self-esteem, confidence and pride, it makes people feel more motivated and less lonely.”

Working alongside the current nationwide campaign from Sport England, #ThisGirlCan goes to where women are, and run events and sessions aimed at people not currently involved in sport or activities.

The project will also celebrate and support activities currently taking place across the county. An online community will be also developed, showcasing what women are achieving and what activities are available in Cumbria.

If you wish to help support this project, register your email address, view all the community projects and support #ThisCumbrianGirlCan in the Improving Cumbria category.

Anyone involved in providing a fitness or sports activity can register their interest in the project by emailing:

Or check out the social media:


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